Back to Bach 2: Daniel Ben-Pienaar (piano): The Well-tempered Clavier Book I BWV846-869

14/10/2014, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Johann Sebastian Bach: The Well-tempered Clavier Book I BWV 846-869

A rich source of inspiration for performers and composers alike, The Well-tempered Clavier Book I is a cornerstone of the musical repertoire. Daniel Ben-Pienaar, Curzon Lecturer in Performance Studies at the Royal Academy of Music, will perform it from cover to cover.

The Well-Tempered Clavier,
Preludes and Fugues
through all the tones and semitones
both as regards the tertia major or Ut Re Mi
and as concerns the tertia minor or Re Mi Fa.
For the Use and Profit of the Musical Youth Desirous of Learning
as well as for the Pastime of those Already Skilled in this Study
drawn up and written by Johann Sebastian Bach.
p.t. Capellmeister to His Serene Highness
the Prince of Anhalt-Cöthen, etc.
and Director of
His Chamber Music.
Anno 1722.

Daniel has won praise for his recordings of both books of Bach’s collection of preludes and fugues: “….dizzying virtuosity…. a heartfelt response to the music’s underlying spirituality. These are, in short, fresh, spontaneous, original readings that shed new light on the keyboard player’s Bible.” BBC Music Magazine


Tickets: £10, £8, £3

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Cardiff University Concert Hall
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