Commemorating World War I: Cardiff University Chamber Orchestra accompany the film of the Battle of the Ancre

05/11/2017, 3:00 pm - 4:45 pm

As part of the Commemorating World War I: Conflict and Creativity series, curated by Dr Monika Hennemann and Dr Clair Rowden, this screening of the film of the Battle of the Ancre follows the screening of the film of the Battle of the Somme in November 2016.  Cardiff University Chamber Orchestra under conductor Andrea Quinn will perform the orchestral score written by Laura Rossi to accompany the film of the Battle of the Ancre.  The film was shot between September and November 1916 and contains the first screen images of tanks in use at the Front. In between battle sequences, audiences were shown the human side of war as the British “Tommies” queued up to receive their mail and consume their food rations and fraternization between German prisoners and their British captors. Box office takings were even higher in the first three months of release than for its predecessor, The Battle of the Somme, due to footage of the previously unknown tanks. Composer Laura Rossi’s score for chamber orchestra is in five movements, which accompanies the five parts of the film. The music depicts the varied emotions conveyed throughout, reflecting the more poignant moments as well as echoing brighter scenes of the high-spirited soldiers.

The screening will be followed by a round table discussion.


£5, students and under 18s free of charge

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Brangwyn Hall, Swansea
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