A 21st-century perspective on Liszt – Jakob Fichert

10/03/2020, 7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Jakob Fichert says “Revered for his revolutionary approach to piano technique, Liszt was equally innovative as a composer, inspiring the likes of Ravel, Bartók and Ligeti. Liszt’s music keeps influencing the composers of today, and the popularity of his piano works continues to soar. This event therefore aims to explore the impact Liszt’s writing has on music written in the 21st century.”

“Années de Pèlerinage” is a set of three suites for solo piano. This work is widely considered the encapsulation of Liszt’s musical style, spanning most of his adult life and ranges from the youthful virtuoso to his late experimental approach. The second Suite, “Deuxième Année: Italie”, inspired by Liszt’s experiences in Italy, its cultural legacy and the creative community he encountered there, is the stimulus for this event.

Jakob has commissioned three composers of highly differing styles and approaches to write commentaries on this masterpiece.

Desmond Clarke, multiple award winning composer, interested in the use of algorithmic and stochastic processes, microtonality and spectral techniques, has created music reflecting the first section. His work “Liszt Fields” consists of three small pieces which are to be performed in-between the first three items of the cycle.

The Petrarch Sonnets are the basis of Frederick Viner’s composition, “Sonnetto”. Currently Composer in Residence at Eton College, he has won numerous prestigious competitions, his music being widely published and performed. He has shown an affinity to the late Romantic style and some of his works have been written with reference to works of that period. “Sonnetto” will be performed as an afterthought to the three Sonnets by Liszt.

Cardiff University School of Music’s, Robert Fokkens, a recognised artist and Senior Lecturer , has contributed a commentary on the Dante Sonata, referencing Liszt’s “After Reading Dante”. Robert’s work is entitled “Précis: On hearing a work by Liszt”. His music explores a range of influences from traditional African to 20th and 21st century experimental music, creating works characterised by twisted cycles, rhythmic energy and microtonal inflections.

As Liszt invited his contemporaries to “Listen in new ways”, Jakob Fichert presents a fresh perspective on this seminal work through these three contemporary voices. Join Jakob on a grand tour through this imaginative, musical landscape as he throws new light on this evergreen opus with poetic master strokes.



£10, £8, students and under 18s free entry

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