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Contemporary Voices: Endymion


‘The brilliant Endymion’ Sunday Times exists to deliver world-class performances of chamber music throughout the UK and abroad. It nurtures the UK’s most dynamic and original composers, inspires audiences and champions mixed chamber music of all genres through performance, commissioning, recording and promotion.

Chinese New Year Concert given by The Point Art Troupe from Guangzhou


A programme of Chinese and Western Classical works.

Manabu Takasawa (piano)


Stone Gate by Yoshihiro Kanno:

A gate seems to have two contradictory functions: One is to protect what is inside from the outside world, while the other is to welcome outsiders to enter within. A weathered stone gate witnesses these two opposing forces for decades and centuries. The title of the composition was inspired by the duality of a gate combined with the permanence of stone. The work was commissioned and premiered by Manabu Takasawa.